Pubs and Clubs

Reach a young and affluent audience by advertising in pub and clubs with Sky Sports.

      Every day, Sky Sports channels are broadcast with a separate advertising feed into nearly 40,000 pubs and clubs across the UK. This means advertisers can specifically target viewers in the out of home environment. Sky Pub Sports provides advertisers the opportunity to reach a young male audience in a social group environment. On average, around 33% of Sky Sports viewing takes place out of home, reaching around 3 million adults a week, 71% of which don't have access to Sky Sports at home.

      71% of pub viewers don't have access to Sky Sports at home.

      With Pub Sports as part of your schedule, you are reaching sporting fans that would otherwise not be part of your audience. The Sky Pub Sports audience is a natural fit for advertisers of drinks, films and DVDs, mobile phones, computer games and sports/fashion wear.

      This relatively young audience (predominantly 18-34) are receptive to advertising messages and less likely to have made up their mind about brand choices. The flexibility and cost effective nature of the medium also makes it possible to run long form copy, cinematic ads or take over of an entire ad break.

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