Sky IQ

Sky IQ is the data analytics arm of Sky. With a viewing panel of 500,000 Sky homes Sky IQ is able to provide the UK’s biggest advertisers, broadcasters and agencies with unique insights regarding their brands and customers.

      Sky IQ data and insights is now accessible solely via Sky Media, making it easier for agencies and advertisers to find their contacts and information in one place.

      Sky IQ uses a a panel of 500,000 homes

      The Sky IQ viewing panel delivers anonymised and aggregated insight into the viewing behaviours and preferences of UK consumers, helping advertisers gain a better understanding of how to reach their target audiences and analyse the effectiveness of specific TV advertising campaigns including:

      • Understand more about consumer behaviour relating to specific customer profiles and segmentations
      • Define a target audience at a more granular level than ever before
      • Link to response data to understand advertising effectiveness, giving advertisers a more precise measure of the impact of investment in TV

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