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Some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sky AdSmart. If you can't find what you're looking for please drop us a line.

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      Airing the ad

      Q: When and where will Sky AdSmart be available?

      Sky AdSmart is available on the following channels (excluding live programming):


      Q: Will the customer know they've seen a Sky AdSmart ad?

      Customers won’t be able to tell any difference except the ads they see may be more relevant.

      Q: Will I be able to watch the ad when it is played out?

      You will only be able to see your advert if your household falls into the segment you have selected for the campaign.

      Q: How will I know that my spots have been transmitted?

      We will provide you with daily reporting of your impressions.

      Q: How do programme genre and Sky AdSmart work together?

      Sky AdSmart uses an algorithm that helps to make sure that ads play out when a chosen audience is most likely to be watching. It takes into account the projected linear audience which helps to enhance targeting within the household.

      For example a sports car ad would not play out during a children’s TV programme.

      Q: What length of ad can I do with Sky AdSmart?

      Should be standard lengths - 20,30,40 or 60 seconds. If you have chosen the Optimise Linear or Combined proposition your Sky AdSmart ad length must be the same as your linear ad length.

      Q: What happens if a customer is watching recorded content?

      They will not see a Sky AdSmart ad – it is only in the live broadcast stream that Sky AdSmart ads will play out.

      Q: Where will Sky AdSmart ads play in the break?

      At the moment Sky AdSmart ads will not play first in break or back to back.

      However this is something that will be on offer in the future.

      Q: If you have a linear campaign and a Sky AdSmart campaign, do they have to run at the same time or can they have variable dates?

      Sky AdSmart campaigns can have independent start and end dates.

      Data Questions

      Q: Can I use my own customer knowledge/data to reach my ideal customers?

      Currently we have a fixed list of attributes, however your Sky AdSmart representative should be able to advise you on the best way to reach your audience from the attributes available. We are looking at a customer data matching solution for the future.

      Q: If I choose a metropolitan area will it reach households outside the centre of that city?

      The metropolitan areas have been designed so the best and most practical reach around that city can be accessed. 

      Q: Is Republic Of Ireland available as a regional attribute?

      At this time we do not offer Sky AdSmart for Sky households in the Republic of Ireland.

      Q: Can I pick a postcode and only advertise to that area?

      Postcode targeting is not currently available but will be an option in the future. For geographical targeting, we currently offer metropolitan areas and TV regions.

      Q: Can I select the channels & programmes that I buy?

      The beauty of Sky AdSmart is that the ad will only be served when your audience is watching, no matter what channel or programme they are viewing. This means that you don’t need to select a channel or programme. However if you were to choose the Optimised Linear campaign you can maintain control over when the spots could play out.

      Buying Sky AdSmart

      Q: How will Sky AdSmart be traded?

      Sky AdSmart will be traded on a cost per impression (CPI) basis.

      Q: What is the currency?

      Impressions - they are defined as when 75% of an advertisement has been viewed by the household at normal viewing speed.

      Extra help

      Q: I am new to TV advertising, where can I go for help?

      We are very happy to help so please feel free to speak to us. If you feel you need more independent assistance the Thinkbox website ( would be a good place to get more info. Thinkbox are the marketing body for all commercial TV in the UK.

      Q: Who do I contact for more info?

      For more info please contact your Sky Media representative or

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