Sky Media - Advertising FAQs

Sky Media - Advertising FAQs

      Frequently Asked Questions


      What audience should I buy?

      Before buying any airtime we have to establish the objectives of your campaign and specifically who you are trying to reach and influence through your advertising;we would then option all airtime against the chosen target audience.

      For instance a washing powder might target Housewives or Housewives with children. Similarly a beer brand might be targeting 18-34 year old men. In this instance we would probably concentrate the airtime in Sky Sports channels and in Sky1 or on our music channels. It does not mean that other viewers of the commercial are unwanted - and indeed there may be secondary targets- but ensures that the core potential customer is most easily reached. This way an airtime campaign becomes more efficient and cost effective for the advertiser as wastage is minimised.

      We trade across a number of audiences but to give you an idea:

      Adults if you're just buying a daytime only campaign across a range of channels.

      A34 this represents young adults between the ages of 16-34. You'll want a presence on channels such as Sky 1, FX, Sky Movies and the music channels

      M34 this represents young men between the ages of 16-34. You'll want a presence on channels such as Sport, Discovery Turbo and Sky 1 and 2

      W34 this represents young women between the ages of 16-34. You'll want a presence on channels such as Sky 1, Zone Reality, and Sky Movies

      AABC this represents ABC1 adults. You'll want a presence on channels such as Sky 1, Sky News and Sport 1

      MABC this represents a Male ABC1 audience. You'll want a presence on channels such as Sky News, Sky Sport and Discovery. 

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      How much will it cost?

      Having established a target audience we can then make this the buying demographic and cost the price of airtime accordingly. Airtime is priced on the basis of a Cost Per Thousand people who see the ad.The number of people - of any given demographic - who see the ad is also referred to as impacts.

      The overall cost of the campaign is the delivered impacts x the CPT.

      To give you an idea of some average 30'' costs: 

      • Simpsons: A34 -  £3,500
      • 24: AABC -  £1,750
      • Rugby: MABC -  £4,000
      • Premiership Football: M34 -  £25,000
      • Discovery: Men -  £120 
      • Sky News: ADS -  £150 

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      What is a daypart?

      Different clients will target different times of the day to reach the appropriate viewers. The split of the day is called the daypart.

      We split our day into the following segments:

      0600 - 0859 - Breakfast Time
      0900 - 1159 - Coffee Time
      1200 - 1729 - Day Time
      1730 - 1959 - Early Peak
      2000 - 2259 - Late Peak
      2300 - 2429 - Post Peak
      2430 - 2959 - Late Night

      You can buy just daytime or just peak. We also offer all time schedules which cover the whole day. Peak airtime will be more expensive to buy as it is the time which is most demanded.

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      What is DRTV?

      Direct response television advertising (DRTV) is designed to elicit a response from the consumer directly to the advertiser - by means of a telephone call, visit to a website or text message etc. Whether advertising a product or service, this response is often immediate and always measurable.

      With DRTV the focus is on number of responses and how much these cost. Unlike branding advertising, where the main purpose is to create a brand that distinct target markets recognise and connect with, DRTV advertising has one purpose and that is to generate leads at a level and cost which is effective for the advertiser.

      While brand advertisers want to create or alter a perception of their brand that is likely to influence future decisions on products or services, a DRTV advertiser wants to influence the consumer's decision making immediately. A brand needs not only to be seen by the right people, but also in the right place to make it memorable and reinforce the creative message. For a DRTV advertiser the most important factor is how many people respond to the advert and how much this costs. It is not of prime importance to be seen in the best programmes and on the most desirable channels. In fact, most direct response advertisers will actively avoid popular programmes and channels because people are less likely to respond immediately to an advert if they are engaged with what they are watching.

      We currently have on-air a large proportion of clients that buy this airtime, we normally trade this airtime against an all adult audience at a fixed CPT (Cost Per Thousand)

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      Who can help me make my ad?

      Here at Sky we are able to assist with your creative executions, whether this is by using our own in-house creative team or working together to find the right independent creative agency. 

      Sky Creative offers strategic and creative solutions for TV promotions, sponsorship credits, programme titles, cinema, print, radio and online media. They have an experienced team with backgrounds in advertising, film post production and animation.

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      What channels do you sell at Sky Media?

      To see what channels we sell either visit our Channels section of download our portfolio pdf on this page. Depending on what target audience you choose to buy this will dictate which channel mix we suggest you use.

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