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Goodfella’s wanted to find a way to continue to drive sales of the Solo’s product range, their restaurant quality oven pizza. They wanted a campaign that would communicate to a new target audience: ‘Active Singles’.

Director cue board - Goodfellas pizza

This collaborative approach was based around our integrated strategy and used Equinox’s expertise in the Solos brand and strategy. In all, the campaign involved nine integrated elements: Linear airtime; Mobile TV; Pub Sports; Sponsorship; Interactive; Sky Magazine; News Corp Advertorial; Sky Customer Mailing; Online ads and Online Branded Content.

In all, the campaign involved nine integrated elements

The CampaignThe campaign was built around the target audience of ‘active singles’; using touch points from 3Sixty that best connect with this young, on the go and technically adept demographic. Having interrogated this audience using SkyView it became apparent that Movies and Sport should become the backbone of the campaign.

Sky Movies Action/Thriller Sponsorship
Solos are the perfect pizza for a film night; ideal to enjoy alone, or to share. To this end, Sky Movies was the perfect match.  Goodfella’s Solos became the exclusive sponsor of the Sky Movies Action/Thriller channel over a 7 month period, the ideal movie genre for their target audience. The association also offered opportunities to extend the sponsorship into the Sky Movies Magazine – delivered to over 4 million homes, Sky Movies online and thelondonpaper.

By leveraging our relationship with News Corp, Goodfella’s could reach their audience on their way home from work. Solo’s were integrated into thelondonpaper in the London Night In entertainment and TV sections, even having the Action/Thriller films as  the TV choice and the channel ‘circled’ in the listings page.

The sponsorship credits were specially created to compliment the movie theme and were created by our own Sky Creative team. The execution was regularly updated to feature different toppings to highlight the product range, while also keeping the sponsorship fresh.

The TV Ad – making it work harder
The Goodfella’s Solos spot creative focused on Lissoni and his struggling restaurant, showcasing the ‘restaurant’ quality of the product. To make sure the ad was successful as possible our SkyView research panel was used to plan the campaign, ensuring the effective delivery to the right target audience.

Sky Pub Sports was also part of the campaign mix, pushing their message to young upmarket and social audience. To allow the audience to further engage with the brand an Interactive Advertising (iA) element was added to the campaign. Viewers were driven into the application by the opportunity to win a holiday to the home of pizza – Rome; the competition was run in conjunction with Sky Travel who supplied the holiday. The interactive site gave interactors the ability to learn more about the product, view special offer information and of course the chance to enter the competition. Not only did iA allow the audience to engage with the brand, it  enabled Goodfella’s to collect valuable data. With the viewer entries, Goodfella’s were able to gather e-mail addresses and answers to questions like “who do you eat pizza with?” and “when do you eat pizza?”, generating a greater audience understanding.

Another touch-point added to help reach this active and tech savvy audience was Sky Mobile TV. This was a media first for Goodfella’s as they become the first brand on the Sky Mobile TV service.   The ads could be found in programming on the Sky One and Sky Movies mobile channels.

The web is an important medium in the lives of Active Singles, and so was integrated into the campaign. In addition to a broad coverage across the main Sky sites, two online sponsorships were developed especially for Goodfella’s. To target the male audience, a ‘best solo goal of the season’ feature was added to Football 365. Branded by Goodfella’s Solos, it showed great individual goals from the Premiership and the Football League and allowed visitors to vote for their favourite. For the female audience a ‘celebrity singles’ section was developed for Sky Showbiz, showing photos or popular and aspirational singletons.


The results for Goodfella’s speak for themselves; in the first two months alone, product purchase of Goodfella’s Solos increased by over 50%. The long term nature and multi faceted approach of the campaign meant sales remained high during the entire campaign.

The sponsorship of the Sky Movies Action/Thriller channel gave Goodfella’s a constant presence for over 7 months; the positive results of this association can be seen through propensity to purchase. Following the sponsorship, Action/Thriller viewers were 20% more likely to be regular Solos buyers than before the campaign.

The interactive and online element of the campaign also proved successful ingredients. Not only did the iA site allow visitors to spend longer immersed in the Goodfella’s brand and find out more about the product, over 5000 homes went on to enter the holiday competition. The online components combined reached over 1.2 million unique users, with the Football 365 competition site delivering over 48,000 visits.

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