Panasonic and Sky Movies Sponsorship

The escalation of flat screen televisions in recent years has made the TV market ever more competitive. With the launch of their HD Viera range, Panasonic wanted to establish themselves as market leader in this field

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Budgets would only allow for short bursts of airtime, but Panasonic wanted to find a solution that could provide all year round coverage.  Sponsorship of Sky Movies was to be the answer they were looking for. Sponsorship of Sky Movies afforded the opportunity to show off product attributes and associate the brand with the biggest blockbuster movie premieres – together bringing the ultimate home entertainment experience.


  • To increase awareness of Panasonic Viera HD
  • To communicate that Viera HD delivers the best picture/quality in the market
  • To position Panasonic as an innovative brand
  • To become synonymous with High Definition technology
  • To extend exposure across the whole year to ensure coverage of all purchase cycles


The Campaign

In April 2006, Panasonic started their year long association with Sky Movies. Over the year, the campaign embraced 2,800 films, seen by over 12 million viewers. Every movie on all 10 Sky Movie screens (including HD) carried a 20″ opening and 10″ closing ident. The sponsorship ran from 1800-2400 on Friday and Saturday nights, with the highlight being the weekly Saturday Premiere. Films in this sponsorship period included: The 40 Year Old Virgin; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Star Wars Episode 3; Kingdom of Heaven; and Wedding Crashers.

As well as the sponsorship bumpers, over 50,000 Panasonic-branded Sky Movie Promos we aired – seen by over 38 million viewers. The creative for the campaign was produced in-house by Sky as part of the deal. The execution highlighted the product attributes – superior high definition picture quality, colour and the aesthetic of the TV – ‘bringing ideas to life’.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the sponsorship campaign, research was conducted using 1300 Sky Movies viewers and a control group of 600 non-viewers. Key measures included: levels of awareness; message take-out and impact on the brand – with specific focus on HD.

The overall sponsorship awareness for the campaign was very positive for Panasonic.  Compared to other technology sponsorships Panasonics generated a 47% awareness which is a 27% improvement from 37%.

When asked unprompted about, “Which HDTV makes were sponsoring anything on TV” viewers to Sky Movies were more than twice as likely to mention Panasonic than their nearest competitor (Sony).

Message Take-Out
Those that were aware of the sponsorship were asked about what messages they thought the campaign portrayed. Recall focussed on HDTV and its attributes – which was the association Panasonic were looking for. 31% of respondents recalled ‘a clear picture’ and ‘better quality’.

The Brand
The sponsorship also aided the brand perception shift that Panasonic were striving for.  Comparing the control group to viewers, significant shifts were registered for the statements, ‘is a reliable brand’ (11%), ‘makes innovative products’ (11%) and ‘offers good value for money’ (28%).

92% of viewers agreed that the synergy of the sponsorship was spot-on with 80% agreeing that they enjoyed the sponsorship. The success was confimed with 53% said the sponsorship made them want to find-out more, and 7% claiming to have gone on to visit Panasonic’s website. The sponsorship also delivered in the drive for ‘Viera’ brand awareness, with 19% of viewers mentioning it when asked about HDTV, compared to just 10% for non viewers.

Purchase intent
Sky Movies viewers who were aware of the sponsorship proved to be far more positive towards the Panasonic brand and directionally more likely to say they would buy a TV from Panasonic. In fact, 65% said that they were likely to buy a Panasonic TV in future.

Meeting the objectives

The sponsorship of film premieres on Sky Movies and Sky Movies HD output has delivered fantastic audience coverage, year round presence, and cemented a firm association with movies; which is a proven driver for HD TV sales. The key campaign objectives have clearly been achieved and opinions shifted positively amongst viewers. With Sky’s content leading the way in HD programming, the sponsorship has delivered fantastic additional benefits by association, increasing both the propensity to purchase an HD TV and also to make that choice Panasonic Viera.

Research has shown that Panasonic Viera HD’s sponsorship of Sky Movies and Sky Movies HD has raised brand awareness and propensity to purchase amongst viewers. Perhaps more crucially, it has been invaluable in the retail environment where the focus on HD and additional visibility has contributed significantly to dealer confidence and consumer brand experience in the all important sales environment.

David Bonney, Head of Advertising, Panasonic (UK & Ireland)

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