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Sky Media were approached by Mindshare with a brief: creating a campaign within the sports landscape which offered deal longevity and the ability to showcase the entire Sure Men range (Original; Quantum; Extreme; Active; Invisible Ice; Sensitive; Sport). The property had to exude the Sure Men brand values of top performance and absolute dependability to emphasise that Sure Men won’t let you down, no matter what challenges you face or risks you take.

The perfect partner:

Sky Media analysed the unique information within SkyView – Sky’s huge research programme, cross-referencing purchasing behaviour and media consumption for Mindshare’s consideration. Sure enough SkyView illuminated the way – Sure Men’s specific target audience were keen Sky Sports News viewers, and those Sports’ viewers also indexed highly against statements: “pay attention to the brand of toiletries” and “want to be considered well-groomed”.

Having identified Sky Sports News as the ideal channel for Sure Men, SkyView was then interrogated further to find the most suitable programming and most effective time-slots.   Early morning shows Good Morning Sports Fans and The Morning Report (perfect when getting ready for the day) & Football Tonight stood out – and the work was soon underway.

Online and mobile

To further enhance the partnership, the sponsorship has been extended onto online and mobile platforms. Online sponsorship includes 10 second pre-rolls across 3 x daily Sky Sports News reports on the, and

Mobile sponsorship includes sole sponsorship (excluding Golf) of commuter hours on the Sky Sports News App for iPhone and iPad for the following hours:

  • Weekdays: 7-9am and 5pm-8pm
  • Weekends: 10-1
The creative:

Sky’s in-house experts, Sky Creative, drew upon their knowledge of Sky Sports News and their understanding of the brief to propose filming a series of extreme physical challenges which put Sure’s claims to the test. Branding cut-through was achieved by re-invigorating a classic device: bringing back the tick! The activity began in 2010 and is on-going. The sponsorship – with 8 variations covering the whole deodorant range – played out in over 25,000 idents across 12 months, totalling more than 52 hours of branding.

The results:

Sky Media commissioned face-to-face interviews to determine awareness, perceptions, impact and brand fit. One of the latest waves* found that Sure Men remains no.1 in spontaneous sponsorship awareness – ahead of key competitors – with the activity seen as highly compatible with the programming, memorable and positively received. Related qualitative interviews found an exceptionally strong brand fit between Sure Men and Sky Sports News in the eyes of viewers, focused around ‘trust’, reliability’ and ‘quality’.

What’s more, the deal was renewed for a further 3 years, extending the campaign through to 2014! It is now fully integrated with online and mobile elements to complement both consumer behaviour and Sky Sports News’ expanding distribution (pre-rolls on all Sky Sports News online reports, and sponsorship of the Sky Sports News iPhone/iPad app during commuter hours).

So in summary, it’s a big TICK in the box for a very successful and perspiration-free collaboration between advertiser, media agency, creative agency and Sky Media!

Paul Connell Brand Manager, Sure Men, Unilever added: “Both Sure Men and Sky Sports News play a key role in men’s daily routines and work hard to understand men’s passion points and needs. The Sky Sports News deal has enabled us to have a 365 days a year presence in front of our consumers, a high frequency which has allowed a series of extreme physical challenges putting Sure Men’s promise of protection to the test. The result – increases in awareness, relevance, conviction, belief in Sure’s performance and more.”

* SPA Future Thinking, 29th April – 10th May 2010; 186 non-viewers/340 viewers.
**Value share deodorants – MAT – IRI Data to April 2011.

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