Expedia uses Sky programming to engage with customers

Expedia worked with Sky and our programming to engage with consumers on their extensive list of dream destinations



Expedia’s current creative approach, ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’, plays to a key insight that sharing travel knowledge is a huge part of what we all love about the travel process. These experiences have become a core part of our social capital.

To arm people with this kind of ‘water cooler’ content in a style that would achieve the most stand out and interest for the Expedia audience, PHD proposed a partnership with Sky. Contextually relevant ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ idents were created to align with a selection of key ABC1 Sky content.

The Challenge

Given the weather outside and the general mood of the nation, it is perhaps no surprise that Q1 is the most popular time for travel brands to drive sales. This, combined with the low barriers for users to compare and buy trips, means that brands have to be clever when planning their marketing campaigns.

The Key Insight

The need state of escapism is triggered when we’re at home watching our favourite programming (Thinkbox). Whether that’s escaping the chores of the daily grind, or imagining ourselves in some of the amazing locations on TV.

It’s the latter which formed the basis for our partnership and led to the delivery and execution of the campaign. By matching the marketing message to the need state creates greater cut through for the brand.

The Idea

Key programming was handpicked across Sky channels and multiple pieces of copy were developed to align with individual programmes. The Expedia brand copy strategically ran at the start of the break, with an interesting contextual fact running last in break as the viewer returned to the show.

Examples of the creative included matching a fact about NYC to ‘Girls’ which is set in New York, or teaming up an Iceland based ident to new Sky Atlantic show Fortitude. Idents also surrounded key sporting events; Champions League and Australian Grand Prix and blockbuster movies; Grand Budapest Hotel and Wolf of Wall St.

The idents also invited the viewer to enter a competition to win a £1000 of Expedia vouchers or claim a £100 discount off their next holiday.

Campaign Results
  • 60,000+ hub visits
  • 20,000+ competition entries
  • £800,000 generated through hub activity

 Through alignment with key programming Sky and PHD have created a unique and compelling way for Expedia to engage our audience at the busiest time of year”

Mel Stonier, European MD, Expedia

Contact Details

Richard Kitto | Creative Solutions Manager

Richard.Kitto@sky.uk  | 0207 032 6662

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