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Client Gathering 2018

DAY 1 – Thursday 10th May


LUNCH – in the Barwell Barn

14:00 – 14:05

WELCOME in the Hay Barn, from John Litster, Managing Director, Sky Media

The Client Gathering is exclusively designed for leaders of Europe’s biggest and most innovative brands. We’ve gathered a range of thought leaders to consider the issues that impact advertising – everything from the economy and geopolitics to latest advances in technology and demographic shifts. We’ll explore creative risk-taking, get the latest on brand safety and maintaining trust, and find out what marketers can learn from leading sports coaches.

14:05 – 15:10

SESSION ONE: Leading In A Changing World

At a time of significant and potentially disruptive change, we bring together four leading commentators and thinkers in their respective fields to consider the state of our geopolitics, the economy, and public opinion. To what extent are we living through a moment of exceptional volatility or is this just the new ‘normal’?


• Stuart Ramsay, Chief Correspondent, Sky News

• Dharshini David, Broadcaster, Writer, Economist

• Julia Hartley-Brewer, Journalist, Broadcaster, talkRADIO Presenter

CONVERSATION HOSTED BY: Andrew Griffith, Group Chief Operating Officer, Sky

15:10 – 15:30


15:30 – 15:50

SESSION TWO: In Tech We Trust

KEYNOTE:  Jamie Bartlett, Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media

Technology has changed the way we share information and communicate. But have we unwittingly handed too much power to the hi-techs – power that potentially undermines trust in leaders and weakens civil society? Jamie Bartlett, author of The People Vs Tech, argues that our unquestioning embrace of Big Tech has resulted in the erosion of our fragile political systems. How can policymakers, and citizens, fight back?

15:50 – 16:30


How might artificial intelligence (AI) make advertising more efficient? How might AI build better campaigns, and one day, create the creative? What are the ethical issues? Our panel also explores calls for regulatory intervention in the light of data breaches.

  • Tracey Follows, Head of Strategy, WIRED Consulting

  • Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director, Sky Media & Group Director of Advanced Advertising, Sky

  • Jamie Bartlett, Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media

CONVERSATION HOSTED BY: Matt Heiman, Founder & CEO, Diagonal View

16:30 – 17:15

SESSION THREE: The Longevity Economy

KEYNOTE:  Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab

What does ‘being old’ mean in modern society? Joseph Coughlin, author of The Longevity Economy, explores the needs and desires of a demographic segment that gets larger, and wealthier, with every passing day. Why is it critical for marketers to better understand, and engage, those who are beyond middle age? What are the opportunities for brands that get this right?


WRAP, John Litster, Managing Director, Sky Media

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DINNER – in the Barwell Barn



Frank Skinner, Presenter, Writer, Comedian IN CONVERSATION WITH Phil Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts and Head of Entertainment, Arts & Factual, Sky

Day 2 – Friday 11th May


BREAKFAST – in the Barwell Barn


WELCOME in the Hay Barn, from John Litster, Managing Director, Sky Media


SESSION FOUR: The Art Of Advertising

KEYNOTE: Oliviero Toscani, Creative Director, Fabrica IN CONVERSATION WITH Phil Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts and Head of Entertainment, Arts & Factual, Sky

He’s the maestro of the shock ad, the arresting images for Benetton that between 1982 and 2000 – when he was its art director – provoked audiences, prompted debate, and changed perceptions. Oliviero Toscani says his ads were designed to start a conversation. How does he see advertising today? Does a still image still have the same power in our video-obsessed age?


SESSION FIVE: Brand Leadership

KEYNOTE: Keith Weed, CMCO, Unilever IN CONVERSATION WITH Rachel Bristow, Director of Partnerships, Sky Media 

Unilever marketing chief Keith Weed predicted 2018 would be the year of the ‘techlash’, long before the revelation of Facebook’s mass data breach hit the headlines. How have the tech giants responded to the gauntlet he threw down over brand safety? How might blockchain improve transparency and rebuild trust?




SESSION SIX: Changing Perception

How have brands used TV advertising to change perception? What do brands want from TV? How do brands build consumer trust? We also consider how the advertising industry should deal with societal and demographic change.


  • Claire Hilton, Marketing Director, Barclays UK

  • Luigi Cacace, Global CRM Director, Luxottica Group

  • Andrew Mortimer, Director of Client Strategy, Sky Media

  • Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab

CONVERSATION HOSTED BY: Gideon Spanier, Global Head of Media, Campaign


SESSION SEVEN: Motivating Success

What can marketers learn from the way sports coaches nurture talent and achieve outstanding performance? What are the qualities of an outstanding coach? How do sports leaders manage and motivate both individual and group success?


  • Dame Katherine Grainger, Chair, UK Sport, Britain’s most decorated female Olympian

  • Tony Lester, Head of Sky Scholarships, former National Coach, UK Athletics

  • Ebony Rainford-Brent, Cricket Pundit, Director for Surrey Women’s Cricket, former England cricket player

  • Dietmar ‘Didi’ Hamann, Soccer Pundit, former professional footballer

CONVERSATION HOSTED BY: Jacques Raynaud, Executive Vice President Sports & Advertising, Sky Deutschland


WRAP, John Litster, Managing Director, Sky Media

Followed by LUNCH in the Barwell Barn



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