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ATN Bangla

Representing one of the most diversely vibrant and steadily developing communities in the UK with its own distinct identity and opulent culture, heritage, language, religions and rituals.

In different era of time, different dynasties, regalities and dominions referred to it as BANGLA with a minor variations; for instance, Vanga, Vangala, Banga, Bangala, Bangla, Bengal and sometime even Bangal with a stinging pejorative overture.

Finally, emerged BANGLADESH – truncated suzerainties of Bengal and Sylhet declared a sovereignty of independent nation state in 1971 – and there are over half a million of Bangladeshis established a strong bond of community in different parts of the UK and Europe. Bangladeshi people have been traditionally diligent and enterprising; therefore, within a short span of time and limited resources, they have rooted themselves in trade and commerce and confidently growing from strength to strength.

Top shows include

Quranic Discussion

Babul pakhir basha 

History of Islam

Jemon jamai temon bou

Matir shubash

Bhalobashar rong

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