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Bounty Hunters

Sunday 1st October 2017

Bounty Hunters is a thrilling new action adventure comedy for Sky 1 which will unite, for the first time on screen, Jack Whitehall and academy award-nominee Rosie Perez.  This new odd couple; a posh uptight Brit who’s never left the safety of university and a fiery, passionate, blue collar Puerto Rican will take viewers on a journey stretching from New York to London to Mexico. When his father is hospitalised following a mysterious accident, Barnaby Walker (Whitehall) decides he is the man to sort out the family’s cash-strapped antiques business.  However, when he unwittingly buys a blood antiquity, looted from the war-torn Middle East, he sets off a chain of events which will change his life forever. Help comes in the shape of tough New Yorker and bounty hunter, Rita Morales (Perez) whose own world is in turmoil: she’s on the run, having killed a member of a Mexican cartel.


Summer 2018

The series follows the complicated double life of Andrew (Stephen Mangan), a successful travel writer who, through extenuating circumstances, finds himself living between two sets of wives and children whose existences are unknown to each other. Andrew, in a constant state of moral crisis, must find a way to balance his time and energies between his wife Kim (Heather Graham) and teenage daughter, while travelling back and forth across Bristol to his other family, wife Denise (Jo Hartley) and their teenage son. As Andrew’s two worlds become ever harder to contain, so does his sanity, and he finds himself going to increasingly drastic lengths to protect the two families he loves.

Living The Dream

Sunday 1st October 2017

The six part series follows a British family, the Pembertons – husband Mal (Phil Glenister), wife Jen (Lesley Sharp) and their two teenage kids, Tina and Freddie – who decide it’s time to leave rainy England and move to the sunshine state of Florida.


Wednesday 1st November 2017

Disavowed and disbanded, it’s time to revive Section 20 to track down a notorious terrorist following a brutal jail break. Enter Colonel Adeena Donovan (Nina Sosanya). She needs this mess cleared up. She needs Omair Idrisi and Jane Lowry tracked down before whatever plan they’re preparing can be put into effect. She needs dangerous soldiers for dangerous missions. She needs to resurrect Section Twenty. New team, new threat, new enemy.


Christmas 2017

Ratburger follows a young girl called Zoe (Talia Barnett), who has a stepmother (Sheridan Smith) that despises her, a dad (Mark Benton) who’s never around and has a miserable time at the hands of Tina Trotts (Tillie Amartey), the school bully. Her only chum is Harry (George Kent), until she discovers a baby rat in her bedroom she names him Armitage and they quickly become firm friends. Zoe also discovers he’s no ordinary rat – he’s a rat that can dance. She sets out to show off her rodent pal’s skill at the school talent show but her stepmother and shifty burger man Burt (David Walliams) have other ideas, which include throwing Armitage into the mincer and putting rat burgers on the menu.



Now Available

A woman turns up in a bag in NYC, covered in tattoos and with no memory of her past – further examination confirms each tattoo is a clue to help prevent terrorist activities. What is this “Jane Doe’s” story? Mystery crime drama with Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander.


Now Available

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu star as iconic sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his side-kick Dr Watson in a clever modern-day twist on the popular detective stories.


Now Available

Professional ‘fixer’ Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her crack team fight to guard the secrets of America’s elite in Shonda Rhimes’ hit political drama.

Tin Star

Friday 1st September 2017

Jim Worth (Tim Roth) is a recovering alcoholic that has moved his family to the quaint, rural town of Little Big Bear for a peaceful life. However, tragic events occur.

The Deuce

Sunday 1st October 2017

Starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Deuce explores 1970s New York at the pioneering moments of what would become the billion-dollar American sex industry.


Monday 1st January 2018

Britannia is a 10-part drama set in 43AD as the Roman Imperial Army – determined and terrified in equal measure – returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia – a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the powerful forces of the underworld.


Game Of Thrones

Now Available

The world renowned adaptation of George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books; an epic tale of lust, treachery, and bloodshed following seven noble families as they fight for control of the kingdom of Westeros. As the land becomes consumed by political intrigue, dark forces begin to stir beyond the Great Wall in the North.

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Friday 11th August, 9pm

Spanning thirty years, The Agony and The Ecstasy is a trilogy of three one-hour documentary films inspired by the history of rave culture and dance music in the UK. Marking the thirty year anniversary of rave but written thematically, not chronologically, the narrative structure will empower the films so that they can be experienced in series or stand-alone. The audiences will meet the real party people that pioneered the scene and those that grew from it. Through beautifully crafted use of archive and original reconstructions set to the beat of era-defining tracks, the viewers that were there will have a euphoric recall. The Agony & Ecstasy combines the immersive experience of The Chemical Brothers: ‘Don’t Think’ and the emotive documentary power of Kurt Cobain: ‘Montage of Heck’. The trilogy will be an experience attacking the senses in; sights, smells, sounds and colourful characters. Set to the social, cultural and political rhythms through the decades, The Agony & Ecstasy is as much about human-interest and anthropological stories as it is about celebrating the musical phenomenon that was and is dance music.

Rock and Roll

Friday 1st September, 9pm

A box set of ten 90 minute heart-stopping films that bring to life the story that starts with Elvis and gets us to Kanye. Going beyond the conventions of television to a cinematic experience, each film is voiced by a music legend and features contributors including Jerry Lee-Lewis, Nile Rogers, Black Sabbath, John Legend, Marky Ramone and Sting. This extraordinary story is explored in meticulous depth, which each episode picking up a different theme – beginning with Death and spanning Poetry, Love, Sweat, Truth, Anger, Excess and Worship. It’s a story we think we know inside out but actually have barely scratched the surface of. Unlike any music series you have seen, this is the Civilisation of Rock & Roll.

Tony Visconti’s Unsigned Heroes

Tuesday 5th September, 9pm

Legendary music producer Tony Visconti is on the hunt for the greatest undiscovered musical talent across the UK and Ireland. Aided by mentors Imelda May and Stuart Copeland, Tony uncovers talent around the country, soaking up the music scenes of the different regions they visit in the first five episodes. In each episode they will seek out an eclectic range of musicians and invite three to play at a new summer concert that Tony is running. The concert will be a big night at Union Chapel – a celebration of brilliant UK and Irish musicianship, showcasing not only the finest hitherto undiscovered music talent but also some of the world’s most loved music legends and contemporary music stars. The concert forms the final 90 minute final episode and will be curated by Tony Visconti – someone responsible for putting on a fantastic show and working with the legends and unsung musicians as they head towards the big night.

The Seven Ages of Elvis

Wednesday 16th September, 9pm

A 90 minute doc about the world’s most iconic artist.

By dividing Elvis’s life into seven distinct phases, we marry his achievements to his times and his historical context. From Elvis’s childhood – immersed in “trash white” poverty, smothered by the love of his doting mother and exposed to black cultural influences that polite white society had no contact with in Segregated America – we discover the curious fusion of racial influences that shaped a new musical phenomenon. And we discover why, Dead Elvis has become an even bigger phenomenon than he was in life. Worth more annually than Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and David Bowie combined. The Seven Ages of Elvis will dig deeper than any assessment of Elvis ever has before; revealing not only the evolution of modern pop music – but a reflection of his world and ours too.

XTC: This Is Pop

Sunday 7th October, 9pm

An ‘alternative’ look at one of Britain’s best-loved, most influential and yet unsung bands. Eschewing a traditional linear story structure, we will discover what made them unique by focusing on specific aspects of their careers. The band themselves, in particular Andy Partridge, discuss their work in detail, and we use a series of different methods such as animation and specially-shot sequences to illustrate their words and music. XTC are regarded as belonging to the great tradition of British songwriters such as The Beatles and The Kinks. And some of those influenced by the band participate. This documentary will celebrate this unique British institution for the first time. And it’s unique style reflects the bands artistic sensibility.

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