Why TV?

You may wonder what the benefits are of your business investing in TV?  It’s exciting, emotional, engaging and has the ability to bring a brand to life.  With the average viewer watching 3 hours 37 minutes a day, it gives you the opportunity to build scale and power.  What’s more, TV is memorable.  Ask someone to recall their favourite ad and 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be a TV ad.  With the best return on investment and the ability to connect with viewers unlike any other media, TV is an exciting and proven vehicle in driving results for your brand.

Why Sky Media?

With over 130 channels, Sky Media reaches over 95% of the UK population every week in over 12 million homes.  Whether you want to target Game of Thrones fans on Sky Atlantic or food fanatics on Food Network, with such a wide and diverse portfolio you can be sure your campaign will be tailored to reach your desired audience.

With the introduction of AdSmart and Sky AdVance, approaches which enable advertisers to cherry pick their audience and target across platforms means there is now even more opportunity for brands at Sky Media.   With all these exciting developments there has been no better time or place to get involved with TV.

Channels available on Sky Media


AdSmart is a revolutionary approach to TV advertising. Until now everyone watching a Sky channel at the same time saw the same adverts. With AdSmart different adverts can be shown to different households watching the same programme.  There are many exciting and different ways AdSmart can help your business so follow the link below to find out more.

More about AdSmart

Shared reward
Shared Reward

Shared Reward is Sky Media’s fastest-growing trading arrangement. It’s tried and tested and proving hugely successful in enabling brands to benefit from advertising on TV for the very first time, or for the first time in ages.

The common quandary for companies with brands that are not on TV is the chicken-and-egg scenario of not having enough spare cash to invest in a TV ad; but without a TV ad it is hard to grow fast enough to generate the necessary cash.  Sky Media offers the solution Shared Reward to eliminate this problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

More information about the opportunities with Shared Reward and how Sky Media can help, get in touch following the link below.

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As the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, if you’re after more information on the power of TV look no further than Thinkbox and their friend Harvey the dog.  Here you can find research and case studies on why TV is the destination to invest your marketing budget and drive results for your brand.

  • TV advertising creates 71% of total advertising-generated profit at an ROI over 3 years of £4.20 for every pound spent, the highest of any media.
  • In the short term, TV is responsible for 62% of all advertising-generated profit at an ROI of £1.73 for every pound spent, also the highest of any media.

Source: Profit Ability 2018, commissioned by Thinkbox from Ebiquity and Gain Theory

Find more information from Thinkbox on their website

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