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Sick of it airing on Thursday 27th September exclusively on Sky One and NOW TV

A new comedy drama from the mind of Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington is back on Sky One, this time with his first scripted comedy drama: a six-part Sky original production co-written with Richard Yee.

Karl plays Karl, a crotchety cabbie who’s living with his auntie while trying to get over the loss of his long-term girlfriend.

His closest mate is his alter ego, an uncensored version of himself who appears only to him and can say exactly what he thinks, without the risk of offending anyone.

As Karl muddles through life, desperately trying to get back on track, the voice in his head just can’t seem to shut up. He imparts his wisdom, deals out criticism and shares his rather unorthodoxphilosophy on life – counsel that often lands Karl in trouble.

But what differences are there between Karl and the Voice in His Head?

Karl Pilkington stated: “We wanted them to be slightly different. The idea was that the inner self would be more confident most of the time while Karl is a bit sort of downtrodden, a bit nervous and unsure. The inner self is trying to push him on so there is an energy difference between the two. But apart from that, they look the same, they sound the same. Yeah, there’s not much acting going on.

Richard Yee, the Sick of It co-creator, co-writer and director reveals how it all came about, from convincing Karl, to writing in a cloakroom:

“Karl’s always been an accidental and reluctant star, pushed into the limelight by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on their radio show before becoming the highlight of their recordbreaking podcasts, and the presenter of An Idiot Abroad. Over the following months, we met up in a tiny meeting room without windows (we later discovered it was a hotel cloakroom when they needed it back for Christmas party season) to work out what the show would be. As the series took shape, Karl agreed to become a regular in the ensemble cast, then the main character of the ensemble, before finally ending up on screen not just once, but twice, as the series’ two principal characters – Karl and the voice inside his head.”

From the award-winning team behind An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning of Life, Sick of It is produced by Me+You Productions and Alrite Productions. Richard Yee directs, co-creators are Karl Pilkington and Richard Yee, and the latter is also executive producer along with Krishnendu Majumdar.

Sick of It will air Thursday 27th September at 10pm exclusively on Sky One and NOW TV.

The Sick of it press pack can be found here.

Click here to watch the trailer

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