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AdSmart boosts viewing in ad breaks

AdSmart commercials entice viewers to watch more of Sky’s ad breaks, according to an in-depth study launched today( 5/11/15).


Sky Media used data from the 500,000-home Sky Viewing Panel to analyse the effect of AdSmart ads on viewing behaviour in commercial breaks. The study covered 50 million viewing occasions from May to August 2015 to ensure a high degree of statistical accuracy.

The analysis revealed:

  • Channel switching during AdSmart commercials was 48% lower than for standard ads in the first three break positions (where most AdSmart spots appear)
  • This means only 5.2% of viewers changed channels during AdSmart ads, compared to the norm of 10%, in the first three break positions
  • Overall, i.e. across all positions in breaks, channel switching during ‘AdSmart’ ads was 33% lower than the norm
  • The effect was consistent regardless of channel, household type and amount of viewing

AdSmart launched in January 2014, offering advertisers the ability to show different ads to different households watching the same programme. Since then more than 500 advertisers have run over 3,500 individual campaigns. As well as helping major advertisers improve the effectiveness of their TV advertising campaigns, it also makes television more accessible for niche brands and SMEs by helping them precisely target the most relevant consumers and geographic areas. Around 70% of the advertisers who use AdSmart are either new to TV or new to Sky.

AdSmart is available in 1 in 4 UK households, and can deliver TV ads to Sky homes selected using over 400 attributes – all of which can be combined to create unique buying audiences. Typical approaches include using:

• Geo-targeting such as postcode area (the first one or two letters of a postcode), metropolitan area or the just-launched ability to select particular counties
• Household composition, lifestage and other consumer characteristics
• Advertisers’ own customer data, which can be combined with other available data to create their own custom segments

“The benefits of AdSmart to advertisers are well-documented in terms of better targeting of campaigns, but this is the first major research that shows AdSmart has a positive effect on viewing in the ad breaks. As viewers cannot distinguish AdSmart commercials from any others, higher viewing levels can only be attributed to customers finding them more interesting or engaging. This is great news for advertisers, agencies and viewers.” Jamie West, Sky Media’s Deputy Managing Director

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