10,000 BC Season 2

Sky Media and Channel 5 are pleased to announce 10,000 BC is back for another season

Man with spear standing off against a sabretooth

The Opportunity

Sky Media and Channel 5 are pleased to announce 10,000 BC is back for another season. Airing on Channel 5 in a landmark partnership, this show takes man back to his caveman basics, with explosive results.

This unique social experiment features twenty modern day Brits who leave the 21st Century to go back to the Stone Age.  Their mission is to survive two months in Stone Age conditions.  No electricity.  No food other than what can be found. Not even any social media!


About The Show

Imagine returning to an age where there was no google, no mobile phones, no washing machines, no electricity – it’s almost unimaginable in the modern day. And yet that is exactly what 20 men, women and children have agreed to in order to see the way in which technology has completely reshaped the world in which we live.

Across ten weeks our participants will have to work together to build shelter, make tools and clothing, gather food and survive in a wilderness completely unnatural to them. They will face the challenges of living in a completely new habitat and have to create a community political system for selecting a group leader to help devise rules and allocate tasks equally to ensure discipline.

As they come face to face with hunger, sickness and extreme weather, this series gives a unique insight into the origins of our human existence and explores what it takes to survive in extreme circumstances.  Out of the twenty who started, who will make it to the end?

Channel 5 will be there to capture the participants’ trials and tribulations, producing a fascinating show that will run on Channel 5 twice each week.


Scheduling and Accreditation

Channel 5 (TV):

  • 10 x 60min episodes
  • 55” accreditation per 60minute show
  • Bumper breakdown:   15” Opener, 5” Break, 10” Closer


  • Up to 5” advertiser logo accreditation on all relevant promos over 20”


Contact Details

Hannah Laird | Sponsorship Manager

Hannah.Laird@sky.uk | 020 7032 6441
Oya Mustafa| Sponsorship Manager
Oya.Mustafa@sky.uk | 020 7032 4942
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