Celebrity Big Brother January 2017

The hit show is back with an exclusive opportunity for your brand to be associated with it!


The Opportunity

PLEASE NOTE: Offer deadline is 21st November 2016

Sky Media and Channel 5 are excited to offer the sponsorship of the hit show ‘ Celebrity Big Brother’.

The live TV phenomenon that continues to have great ratings success and maintains a loyal following.

About Celebrity Big Brother

Huge on screen

  • Jan’s Celebrity Big Brother live final averaged 2.52m, peaking at 2.87m.
  • A total of 20.3m people tuned into CBB .

Huge on social

  • The Jan final was the number 1 most tweeted about show on TV with 265,000 tweets.
  • The Summer series generated 805,909 tweets.. Topping the Instar Social leaderboard as Twitter’s most-talked-about TV show on all but two nights.

Big Brother is… The definitive reality show:

  • Viewed as the original and best reality show (vs competitors) with loyal followers who tune in year after year.
  • Even after all these years, Big Brother is still fresh.

Big Brother is… A great environment for partners:

  • High multi-platform audience, with 66% of audience interacting on multiple platforms.
  • The heritage of Big Brother and amount of conversation the show generates, creates a positive environment for brand partnerships.

Big Brother  provides proven success for partners:

  • Viewers are nearly twice as likely to be aware of the sponsor vs non viewers.
  • Viewers 3 times more likely to have interacted/ purchased from a sponsor compared to non viewers.

Positive Brand Perceptions for Show Association

  • Viewers registered that brands were associating with a great programme, and that any controversy in the house was not an impact on the Sponsor brand.

*Source: Sky Media Summer Research (available on request)

January Partnership Details

  • Sponsorship credits across – 15” at start, 2 x 5” in CB and 10” in end breaks across:
  • Celebrity Big Brother
  • 24 days in January.
  • 60 min shows everyday at 9pm and one 90 min live eviction per week
  • Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side
  • Daily news/magazine based show on weeknights about Celebrity Big Brother, normally presented by Rylan Clark-Neal.

Celebrity Big Brother Repeats

  • Repeats on Channel 5, 5STAR, MTV & My5.

Logo integration

  • Brand Logo On Air Promotions.
  • Leader board on C5 website pages.

Key date to note:

  • If the Sponsor wanted to form a bigger 360 Partnership we would need all approvals and deliveries done by 10th Dec 2016.

Contact Details

Hannah Laird | Viacom Content Controller

07720 398 744 | Hannah.Laird@sky.uk

Drachan Forster | Viacom Content Controller

07855 311 714 | Drachan.Forster@sky.uk

Channel 5
My5 logo
Channel logo: MTV

Extra Partnership Content Discussions

(Not included in partnership offering)

Competition & Prize

Creation of an on-air and online, social driven free to enter Brand competition. Could offer the prize of tickets to Live finals, one for each burst of CBB. Each burst consists of 30”- 40” on air spot played in spot airtime (not in show) across C5, 5STAR, MTV and Comedy Central.

Licensing (for the Core Programme Sponsor only)

The sponsoring brand could license the Celebrity Big Brother name to create a promotion that sits in and around the CBB series.

All to be discussed with Channel 5 & Endemol.

Examples  for usage could include:

  • On-Pack promotion
  • Retail usage for in-store promotion
  • Competition
  • Social media directing to competition

Social Media campaign in line with a Brand Competition

  • Utilising huge following of Facebook and Twitter to create a social campaign in the tone of CBB.
  • Posts referring to Competition – we can also RT’s or Share Brands post that relate to Partnership Comp activity.

NB: There must be a strong editorial justification for all social mentions and Social mentions cannot be directly promotional.


  • Celebrity Big Brother talent Emma Willis and Rylan Clarke could be approached for Commercial ideas.

Product Placement Opportunities

Product placement in Big Brother offers exceptional value. Seen by huge numbers almost every day of the week, products (non hfss) can be placed and used in the house. This gives them credibility, being seen on the big screen and used by larger than life housemates.

Research from SPA shows that product placement on Big Brother encourages viewers to try the product being used. Many viewers actively look out for product placement and were able to name a host of brands featured on the recent series.

Opportunities could include:

  1. Incidental and Time of Day shots (TODS) which would include a pack shot.
  2. Task involvement possible if editorially relevant

Tasks are challenges that create a one off event in the house. Managed by editorial and compliance to make a good editorial fit.

Please note: All scheduling is subject to change and all ideas, talent, product placement, licence etc are subject to editorial and compliance sign off.

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