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Entertainment on History and Blaze

Sponsorship Opportunity 2020

The Opportunity

The Entertainment package is the perfect opportunity to partner your brand with HISTORY & BLAZE’s tenacious and unique celebrity personalities and high-quality, addictive content. Align with leading UK talent, including Madness frontman Suggs, global star Damian Lewis and funny man Al Murray.

Ideal for reaching a broad male target audience, HISTORY’s primetime hours (1800-2400)  bring in upmarket viewers through their premium scripted drama content, while Blaze attracts a strong male demographic through their free-to-air hits. Entertainment accounts for all of the top 3 series EVER on HISTORY, including Vikings and Al Murray’s Why Does Everyone Hate The English?

About The Channels


A channel which has formally established itself as the home of invigorating entertainment twinned with inspiring factual programming. Real-life, gripping accounts told through award –winning, cinematic programming such as Vikings and a host of other international hits.


A popular Free-to-Air channel promises to deliver true and immersive stories to inspire and engage their audience. Driven by the need to achieve the extraordinary, Blaze aims to raise the flag by boasting an array of content from Pawn Stars to Forged in Fire.

Scheduling & Accreditation
  • 6 Month Sponsorship – Other options available upon request
  • Approx. 2,100 hours of content
  • Approx. 17,300 sponsorship credits
  • 2 x 15” opener/closers & 6 x 5” break bumpers per hour
About The Audience
  • In Q3 (2019) 69% of viewers were men
  • HISTORY’s audience spends £500 or over on DIY (i.141)
  • BLAZE’s audience drinks Lager 3 or more times a week (i.132)
  • BLAZE’s audience love to try new brands and products (i.182)
  • HISTORY’s audience often travel to holiday parks/villages (i.156)
  • HISTORY’s audience often buy things on impulse (i.177)
Example Programming
  • WW2 Treasure Hunters
  • The Curse of Oak Island
  • Irish Pickers
  • Vikings
  • Forged in Fire


Contact Details

Wesleigh Lewis| MP Partnership Controller

Wesleigh.lewis@sky.uk | 0207 032 6611

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