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GPs Behind Closed Doors

Sponsorship Opportunity

The Opportunity

Sponsor Channel 5’s landmark documentary series and the only programme on British TV that is  filmed inside a working general practice; GP’s Behind Closed Doors.

The Content

This fascinating observational documentary series politely executes what Britain’s hard working GP’s endure on a day to day basis.

Moving to the West of England and Horfield Health Centre in Bristol for its 5th series, GP’s Behind Closed Doors offers a disarmingly honest and  entertaining look at the stresses, strains and joys of working in, and using, the NHS in modern Britain.

  • Performance – a programme that continues to grow, showing no signs of slowing down in popularity; premiere episodes of GPs Behind Closed Doors have consistently achieved over 1m adults this year to date, hitting up to 1.6m (avg. 000’s)
  • Audience – effectively targets Women and HWCH alike, reaching up to 32% of both across a 20 week run
  • Frequency – with long running series’ and consistent schedule presence, GPs offers a strong platform to get brands seen approx. 18-22 times by key audiences
Scheduling & Accreditation
  • 60 minute peak episodes on Wednesdays at 20:00 on Channel 5
  • Approx. 1 x repeat on Channel 5 and 4 x repeats on 5Star per week
  • 1 x 15”, 1 x 10” and 6 x 5” per hour

* Minimum number of idents produced to be agreed with Channel 5.

VOD Delivery
  • This sponsorship is predicted to deliver approx. 400,000 VOD views


Contact Details


Hannah Laird | Partnership Controller

Hannah.Laird@sky.uk  | 07720 398 744


Jack Campbell | Partnership Specialist

Jack.Campbell@sky.uk  | 0207 032 2335

Channel 5
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