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The Lovers And The Liars

Sponsorship Opportunity

The Opportunity

A brand new show is coming to MTV UK and here is the perfect opportunity associate your brand with it!


The Content

In this reality series set in a glamorous villa, pairs compete to be voted best couple and win a big cash prize. But not all of them are real couples… some are faking it! The pairs in each of these fake couples could be best mates, colleagues, or even bitter exes!

Throughout the series, all the couples will face games and challenges that put their relationships to the test and give clues about their true feelings towards each other. In each episode, the couples vote to eliminate the couple they think is fakest.

Then the truth is revealed to remaining couples – and viewers at home. Were they fake, or have a real couple been wrongly eliminated? In the climax of the series, there’s a final vote to choose one winning couple. Will real love triumph or will a fake couple fool everyone and steal the big money prize?


Scheduling & Accreditation
  • 10 x premiere episodes across 2 weeks
  • 10pm
  • 2 x 10” and 6 x 5” idents per episode


VOD Delivery
  • Forecasted to deliver 1 million VOD impressions


Contact Details


Hannah Laird | Viacom Content Controller

Hannah.Laird@sky.uk  | 07720 398 744


Jack Campbell | Viacom Partnership Specialist

Jack.Campbell@sky.uk  | 0207 032 2335

Channel logo: MTV
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