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Sponsorship provides brands the opportunity to get closer to content by allowing direct association with programmes, strands or entire channels.  At Sky Media there’s an amazing portfolio to help you find the perfect match.

With such a range and depth of programming, we can offer a solution to any brief and any budget.  As well as delivering innovative and bespoke sponsorship solutions, Sky Media provides brands with a full-service offering: brokering deals; producing award-winning creative as well as analysing performance and effectiveness to get the most out of your campaign.

Available sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor Agent Carter on FOX
Creative solutions - Partnerships

Creative Solutions

We’re the art of the possible – fusing your campaigns and objectives with Sky’s unparalleled content, talent and channel brands.  From Branded Content creation and distribution across TV, VOD and beyond, to contextual advertising, competitions, bespoke hubs and native advertorials. Whatever you imagine, we can make happen.

Check out some of our previous campaigns in our Success Stories section.

Data Partnerships

With Sky’s unrivaled access to data and partnership with TechEdge, Sky Media are in a unique position to work with agencies and advertisers to help measure and analyse media campaigns more effectively than ever before.

Access to Sky’s Viewing Panel also offers our Media Partners unparalleled granular insight into how people watch TV. This insight can be used to evaluate audience reach and the effectiveness of their TV schedule.

Click here to see the latest case study from Argos

Product placement on Big Brother

Product Placement

A unique way of increasing your brand awareness is to integrate your product within programming for a more bespoke campaign execution.  Product placement is a great way to endorse your brand in content giving it access to great positioning and exposure within a programme. It is possible to undertake product placement in a number of shows on the Sky platform and has the ability to add a whole new dimension and level of creativity to your campaign.

Branded Content

Branded content is any form of content that is created by a brand but is not directly advertising or necessarily found in usual advertising formats. Branded Content is there to tell a story which has an association with a brand, rather than a direct advertising message.  Branded content works on creating an emotional connection with an audience and then creatively connecting that with the product.  Here at Sky Media we can help…

Jeep on Nat Geo
Success stories on Sky Media
Success Stories

With a vast array of exciting brands and campaigns, have a look at what we have been up to across Sky Media channels, platforms, content and partnerships.

Success stories

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