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Sky AdVance connects Sky’s ground-breaking TV viewing data to the digital world, allowing advertisers for the first time to break down the barriers between broadcast and digital campaigns.

Advertisers can now take TV programme and ad viewing insights into the digital domain, reaching relevant audiences on and off the Sky estate.

The award-winning technology can be used in multiple ways, whether you have TV presence or not. This new level of understanding gives advertisers creating a digital campaign the ability to:

Extend or re-inforce a TV advertising campaign

Use TV programme viewing insights for an enhanced digital execution

Further activate and enhance a TV sponsorship

Reinforce and extend a TV ad campaign

If you are an advertiser with a spot ad and want to use the viewing data from your ad to target online, then this Sky AdVance option is for you.

We can give you the ability to find viewers that did or didn’t see your TV ad and reach them digitally.

Way this could be used include:

  Reinforce a TV ad message, online

  Extend the TV campaign to online

  Deliver a different message online after exposure to TV

  Follow with a call to action

Target programme viewers digitally

If you are, or not, a TV advertiser and want to use TV programme viewing data to hone in on your ideal digital audiences, then this Sky AdVance option is for you.

We can give you the ability to find viewers who have seen a genre of shows you are related to such as food, tech, sports, etc. or a specific show, and reach them digitally.

Way this could be used:

  Use event TV to sell your related product online

Focus your online targeting to those that have a clear interest in a genre such as ‘foodies’ if you sell cooking equipment

Further activate TV sponsorship

If you are an advertiser who has a channel or programme sponsorship then this Sky AdVance option is for you.

We can give you the ability to find viewers who have either seen your TV sponsorship ad, or like the type of show it is sponsoring, and reach them digitally.

Ways this could be used:

Reinforce a sponsorship message online

Include a call to action, that would otherwise be unavailable in TV sponsorship copy (due to TV regulation)

Extend to consumers who have not been exposed to the sponsorship


To find out more about how Sky AdVance can help your next campaign, get in touch here.

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