Sky Media and E.ON

Sprinkling some Hollywood magic on humdrum heating

It delivered for us over 400,000 impressions into over 61,000 households and it gave us access to a new target market that literally walked into our dealerships to buy a car.

Marketing Director, eON

The sponsorship of Sky Cinema helped set E.ON apart from its competitors.

The collaboration enabled E.ON to deepen its understanding of its customers, to strategically target them with relevant offers and at the right time in the customer lifecycle.

Ed Rowlands, Client Business Partner, Amplifi

Sky Media and E.ON

Sprinkling some Hollywood magic on humdrum heating

This is the story of how E.ON teamed up with Sky Cinema, and as a result achieved category leadership in awareness, a significant Net Promoter Score boost, and increased its customer acquisitions. The secret? A sprinkling of Hollywood magic and an integrated approach from E.ON’s media partners: Vizeum, Amplifi, Story Lab and Sky Media.


visits to the co-branded site
increase in brand advocacy
increase in talkability


The average UK household spends just nine minutes a year thinking about their energy supplier — about the time it takes to log on to a price comparison site and check prices. It’s the definition of a low-interest category.

In a market driven by price, utilities have two major issues: establishing brand values and retention. Fix the first, and the second should follow. E.ON needed a campaign that would make it stand out in  a crowded marketplace, increase its brand awareness and favourability, and shift customer perception to E.ON as a trusted, family centric brand.


Movies, and most pertinently Movies on Sky, naturally appealed to E.ON’s target audience – the family. To tackle customer retention and drive brand values E.ON needed to align its brand with a mass market and family orientated brand, and connect with as many families as possible across the UK. Through a partnership with Sky Cinema and Sky AdVance, E.ON would be able to do just this.


The campaign idea was two-pronged: One, to enlist Sky Cinema talent to land E.ON’s brand values amongst existing and potential customers, and two, to target consumers with personalised offers using Sky Media’s data and technology.

More crucially, Sky Advance would underpin the campaign through directly linking to the sponsorship. This is Sky’s technology that uses data to target linear TV viewers across digital, enabling E.ON the ability to re-target viewers who would see their sponsorship with sequential brand messages.

Add to this a rebrand of Sky Movies to Sky Cinema, and E.ON would benefit from extensive coverage of one of Sky’s hero channels. In particular, EON would gain the added advantage of associating with the Sky Cinema’s most treasured property, Sky Cinema Premiere, a new platform that would premiere a new film every day.


The partnership lifted the campaign beyond a traditional badging exercise into an exceptional 360 activation, engaging with customers on a new level across multiple platforms. First, Sky and E.ON completed a data match to identify their joint customers. Insight from these customers revealed how E.ON could reward its existing customers with Sky’s products, and vice versa. This insight was used to design exclusive Sky offers for E.ON customers, to incentivise renewing with E.ON and increase customer acquisition.

The campaign launched online with a personalised message to E.ON customers from Sky Cinema ambassador, Alex Zane. He welcomed E.ON customers to the new home of Sky Movies, Sky Cinema, and hinted at upcoming events and competitions that they would receive as E.ON customers.

Later – in a first for Sky – it activated a tactical Sky AdVance campaign at scale. Sky AdVance connects Sky’s TV viewing data to the digital world. It allows advertisers to break down the barriers between linear TV sponsorship and digital campaigns. It enabled E.ON to re-target Sky Cinema viewers, who had already been exposed to the sponsorship, with relevant offers online.

In another exclusive, Sky produced Cinecast, a new, monthly show, promoting the latest films to premiere on Sky Cinema. As well as being available to all Sky viewers on linear and Sky Go, clips from the show were used as social content, to drive conversation amongst consumers.

As well as improved targeting, E.ON wanted to drive interaction between its sales advisors and customers. Sky Cinema offered the perfect opportunity to do that, through exclusive film screenings. Sky organised a series of event screenings for E.ON’s customers, including a screening of Mamma Mia, with E.ON’s long term partner, The Alzheimer’s Society.

Finally, on social, E.ON upped its audience engagement with competitions. An emoji film quiz targeted consumers with an interest in film, and the Wheel of Extras, offered E.ON customers the chance to win Sky’s newest products.



  • 1,704,421 visits to the co-branded site – (including Sky content such as Sky Cinema event)
  • The linked competitions were E.ON’s most successful to date, receiving over 20k entries

Shift In Perception

  • Delivered the highest percentage of customer acquisition (62%) vs. customer losses (32%) over the last three years. To add context, the closest comparison in other campaigns achieved 48% acquisitions vs. 52% losses
  • Sky Cinema fans were 55% more likely to have a positive perception of the brand image versus non-viewers of Sky Cinema
  • Consumer behaviour metrics also improved: advocacy (+57%), talkability (+90%) and likeability (+21%)


  • E.ON was reported as the energy supplier top of mind amongst viewers aware (68%), which slightly ahead of British Gas (67%) and ahead of EDF (49%)

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