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Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and Tesco Finest*

Fine food and quality TV
partnering to create the perfect night in

Great TV and indulgent food go hand in hand and this campaign truly celebrates the perfect night in. Working with Sky Media we were able to create a bespoke campaign, that drove fantastic results for our Tesco Finest range.

Nick Ashley, Head of Media & Campaign Planning at Tesco

Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and Tesco Finest*

Fine food and quality TV partnering to create the perfect night in

We put Tesco Finest* in the most indulgent TV context by pairing the perfect Tesco products with the audience’s favourite channels. In a media first, meals were matched by viewing profile to audiences on a channel-by channel basis in the new big-screen On Demand TV environment. Proof of success was in the (chocolate) pudding with double-digit shifts in consideration, quality, and sales.

indulgent Sky On-Demand viewers reached
increase in Tesco ad awareness boosted by VOD
increase in Consideration for Tesco Finest*


Fine food and quality TV are perfect partners. Obviously.

Tesco Finest was more than 20 years old, but the number of people who considered buying the range had remained static and perceptions of the brand needed to be shifted. So how could we change long-standing perceptions, and behaviour?

By tapping into a classic behavioural insight in quality food…


Everyone knows that people love to indulge themselves at the weekend, eating great food in front of great TV, and we found the latest evidence to prove it. 1/4 of Tesco Finest sales and 15% of appointment to view On-Demand TV peaks between Friday and Saturday nights.

But this wouldn’t be the first time a food or grocery brand had aligned its brand with a TV viewing occasion. We needed to find the right ingredients to cook up an idea better than the competition.


Integrate Tesco Finest in to the most indulgent quality TV moments

To prove that Tesco Finest was worth paying more for, MediaCom chose a TV partner that prides itself on content worth paying for: Sky. Despite the rise of cheaper OTT TV services, over 10 million people every month continue to pay for Sky’s superior content and viewing experience.

While the insight around great food and quality TV hasn’t changed, Sky customer research demonstrated how in Sky households, On-Demand is now the first destination for indulgent content. This was the ultimate environment to align Tesco Finest with.

However, Tesco, MediaCom and Sky Media wanted to do more than just relevant advertising. We wanted Tesco Finest to be seamlessly integrated into Sky’s most premium environment.



In a Sky Media first, we developed bespoke On-Demand idents that paired the perfect Tesco Finest products to each Sky channel

Products were matched by viewing profile to appeal to audiences on a channel-by-channel basis. The indulgent drama channels, Atlantic and Witness, were paired with a sumptuous Tesco Finest Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cheesecake for couples looking for thrills; whilst the exhilarating entertainment channels, Movies and Sky One, were paired with the Tesco Finest Garlic King Prawn Wood Fired Pizza – the perfect family treat.

The bespoke idents tapped into the audience’s mindset before watching their favourite shows, and borrowed branding and the VO from their top channels to make Tesco Finest a natural part of the viewing experience.

The Friday-Saturday sponsorship ran exclusively first-in-break on the big screen through On-Demand TV, ensuring that we captured our audience in an especially indulgent moment, most likely with their feet up on the sofa! The pre-roll ad breaks were even shortened to allow viewers to gorge on their favourite programmes even quicker.


The finest uplifts in perceptions, consideration and sales with

  • 7.3 million indulgent Sky On-Demand viewers were reached and over half were “really looking forward to viewing the programme”
  • Both quality and taste perceptions saw double-digit growth
  • Consideration for Tesco Finest* rocketed up 16%
  • Sales soared for the TVC’s leading stars (the Garlic King Prawn Wood Fired Pizza and the Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cheesecake)
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