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Here is the information on how to supply Video assets for All VoD, Big Screen, Clickable (formerly SkyGo, SkyGoLinear, My5, TV VoD), Push VoD and PC VoD (Sky Websites and Apps).

All VoD, Big Screen and Clickable: September 2018
All VoD, Big Screen and Clickable

Copy instructions and tags:

Please send copy instructions/rotations through to CARIA (To Sky All VoD, Sky Big Screen or Sky Clickable.)

Alternatively to VODCopyRotations@sky.uk

Impression Click Tags should be emailed to OnlineTraffic@sky.uk 3 working days in advance of campaign start date.

Delivery of the Video Copy:

Our video spec is the same for all digital video across Sky’s entire IP and App portfolio. Sky Media will perform all required transcodes in house, created from one high quality video. This will remove all non-transferable video standards from the delivery chain and save agencies time and effort.

There are 2 options to supply video assets for All VoD, Big Screen & Clickable campaigns (formerly SkyGo, SkyGo Linear, My5, Pull Vod) or for our Apps and websites.

  1. Through Adstream, Honeycomb or IMD – This is the most common and preferred method.

The easiest way to supply us with video files is to deliver through Adstream, Honeycomb or IMD.
Please supply the master video files to conform to their specification and they can deliver the assets to Sky All VoD & Big Screen, Sky Clickable (formerly Sky Online HD).  *See table 1 below:


Please supply All VoD & Big Screen VoD copy at least 6 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

Please supply Sky Clickable VoD copy at least 5 working days before campaign start date.  Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

N.B. Sky All VoD & Sky Big Screen deliver to the same location as Sky Clickable so only require one send. *

N.B. 2 Sky HD, Sky UK, Sky AdSmart, Sky TV UK & Sky Ireland all deliver to the same destination at Sky and so only need one send *

  1. Direct Supply

Definitions and recommended mezzanine specification.
(The *Total Data Rate includes the Video and Audio streams)

  • Video Format / Codec: MP4 using H.264 Codec
  • Video Data Rate: 7.7 mbps (7680kbps) The more kilobits per second (kbps), the better the movie quality, this is key to ensuring quality is maintained when transcoding to lower video specs for the web or mobile.
  • Optimized for: Download since we will be transcoding here at Sky Media.
  • Optimized for Web and Mobile: Video has to have De-Interlaced and / or Progressive settings selected

NB: Streaming – This setting tells the codec how much the data rate can vary above and below the data rate you choose. For online it package up the video into chunks of around 10 seconds, this optimises the amount of data you phone needs to ensure the smoothest play back of the video.

Image Size: 1280×720, this is a HD specific frame size and is necessary to ensure advertising copy is transferable across Sky’s Product landscape.

  • Preserve Aspect Ratio: If you are changing the image size from 4×3 to 16×9 for example.
  • Use this option to specify an option in case the movie needs to be scaled to the new dimensions. Letterbox will scale the source proportionally to fit into the clean aperture, adding black bars to the top and bottom or sides as necessary
  • Crop centres, scales, and trims to the clean aperture.
  • Fit within Dimensions adjusts to the destination size by fitting to the longest side, scaling if necessary.
  • Frame Rate: PAL 25 fps
  • Key Frame: Every 10 frames the more often you specify a key frame (the lower the number), the better the video quality, but the bigger the file size.
  • Video Options, you get the following additional options: Main Profile
  • Encoding Mode: Best quality
  • Crop all overscan
  • Total Data Rate: 8 MBPS (8000kbps)
Video Format .MP4
Codec H.264
Data rate 7680kbps
Baseline Main
Frame size 1280×720
Audio Codec AAC
Data rate 320 KBPS


Optimized for Web and Mobile: Video has to have De-Interlaced and / or Progressive settings selected

The supplied video must not contain a countdown clock – it should be the complete video ad only.

Total Data Rate: 8 MBPS (8000kbps)

BEST QUALITY: Dependent on the capabilities of the video editing / encoding software.

Please supply all Digital Video Assets copy at least 5 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

Tags: We accept 3rd party impression and click tracking tags

Copy Approvals:

All Advertising and Creative agencies will be required to provide all VoD copy with Clearcast approvals to Sky Media. This is due to Sky’s linear TV commitments as many of the products on offer are linked directly to linear programme transmissions and therefore governed by the ATVOD rules.

Clearcast approvals will be matched to CAP and BCAP codes before we will acknowledge the campaign to be published.

All video copy must carry a Clearcast approved Clock number, including rich media and vast tags that contain video adverts, or trailers for video games, movies or apps to be advertised on Sky’s platforms and network of sites.

Clearcast will clear anything that is “TV ad like” both for broadcast and Video on demand.

If you intend to run a campaign on All VoD & Big Screen, it must have Linear Clearcast approval.  Clickable campaign copies require VoD Clearcast approval.

Clearcast do not clear Banner ads or scrolling Ads featured on websites.

Failure to do so will result in your content being rejected, with detailed explanations to allow for the necessary amendments. We will not accept responsibility for any additional production costs incurred by such changes or delays in scheduling the advert or promotion.

Push VoD
Push VoD

For Push VoD Campaigns copy needs to be delivered to SKY HD, Sky UK TV via IMD, Adstream or Honeycomb.

The Video needs to conform to their specification.

Please send copy instructions/rotations through to CARIA (To Sky Push VoD) alternatively to VODCopyRotations@sky.uk

Please supply all Push VoD copy at least 2 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

All Copy must have Full Clearcast Approval for Linear from Clearcast.

The TV VoD Product does not support any 3rd party impression or click tags.

PC VoD – maximum duration is 30 seconds

Video Spec is the same as Sky Clickable however Clearcast copy approval is not compulsory.

We also accept VAST and VPAID tags made to iab standards:

VAST: http://www.iabuk.net/resources/standards-and-guidelines/vast-20

VPAID (SkySports Only): http://www.iab.com/guidelines/digital-video-player-ad-interface-definition-vpaid-2-0/

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