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Video: Commercial Delivery

Here is the information on how to supply Video assets for Linear TV, all VOD, Big Screen and Clickable

Linear TV, all VOD, Big Screen and Clickable
Linear TV, all VOD, Big Screen and Clickable
  • Creative Agencies need to upload their commercial copy to Clearcast and copy instructions via Caria
  • Clearcast gives Sky Media’s Commercial Operations team the required approvals and when instructions are sent via Caria, copy begins to transcode automatically once it has been delivered.
  • VOD copy needs to be fully approved for Linear by Clearcast
  • Creatives have a choice of three delivery centres (Adstream, Honeycomb, Peach) to supply commercials and they need to be delivered to BOTH Sky UK/TV AND Sky Online.
  • Clickable campaigns can be supplied to Sky Online only.
  • Copy and instructions need to be delivered 6 working days prior to start of campaign to allow time for sales/campaign managers/ops to set copy to live, and potentially to fix any technical issues.
Instructions & Contacts:
For further details on copy delivery and the full technical specifications please download our short guide here
Push VOD
Push VOD

For Push VOD Campaigns copy needs to be delivered to SKY HD, Sky UK TV via IMD, Adstream or Honeycomb.

The Video needs to conform to their specification.

Please send copy instructions/rotations through to CARIA (To Sky Push VOD) alternatively to VODCopyRotations@sky.uk

Please supply all Push VOD copy at least 2 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

All Copy must have Full Clearcast Approval for Linear from Clearcast.

The TV VOD Product does not support any 3rd party impression or click tags.

PC VOD – maximum duration is 30 seconds

Video Spec is the same as Sky Clickable however Clearcast copy approval is not compulsory.

We also accept VAST and VPAID tags made to iab standards:

VAST: http://www.iabuk.net/resources/standards-and-guidelines/vast-20

VPAID (SkySports Only): http://www.iab.com/guidelines/digital-video-player-ad-interface-definition-vpaid-2-0/

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