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Here is the information on how to supply Video assets for All VoD, Big Screen, Clickable (formerly SkyGo, SkyGoLinear, My5, TV VoD), Push VoD and PC VoD (Sky Websites and Apps).

All VoD, Big Screen and Clickable: September 2018
All VoD, Big Screen and Clickable

Copy instructions and tags

Please send copy instructions/rotations through CARIA (To Sky All VoD, Sky Big Screen or Sky Clickable.)

Alternatively to VODCopyRotations@sky.uk

Impression Click Tags should be emailed to OnlineTraffic@sky.uk 3 working days in advance of campaign start date.

Clearcast Approval

All Advertisers and Creative agencies will be required to provide all VoD copy with Clearcast approvals to Sky Media. This is due to Sky’s linear TV commitments as many of the products on offer are linked directly to linear programme transmissions and therefore governed by the ATVOD rules.

Clearcast approvals will be matched to CAP and BCAP codes before we will acknowledge the campaign to be published.

All video copy must carry a Clearcast approved Clock number, including rich media and vast tags that contain video adverts, or trailers for video games, movies or apps to be advertised on Sky’s platforms and network of sites.

Clearcast will clear anything that is “TV ad like” both for broadcast and Video on demand. Clearcast do not clear Banner ads or scrolling Ads featured on websites.

If you intend to run a campaign on All VoD, Big Screen & Clickable, it must have Full Linear Clearcast approval.

Failure to do so will result in your content being rejected, with detailed explanations to allow for the necessary amendments. We will not accept responsibility for any additional production costs incurred by such changes or delays in scheduling the advert or promotion.

Delivery of the Video Copy:

Video assets for All VoD, Big Screen & Clickable campaigns (formerly SkyGo, SkyGo Linear, My5, Pull Vod) should be delivered via Adstream, Honeycomb or IMD.
Please supply the master video files to conform to their specification and they can deliver the assets to Sky All VoD & Big Screen, Sky Clickable. The below table details the destinations copy needs to be ordered for dependant on the campaign booked.

Please supply All VoD & Big Screen VoD copy at least 6 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

Please supply Sky Clickable VoD copy at least 5 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.



N.B. Sky HD, Sky UK, AdSmart, Sky TV UK & Sky Ireland all deliver to the same destination at Sky and so only need one send

We can also accept Direct Supply for Clickable only campaigns. For direct supply video must adhere to the below specifications.

File Layout:

Files must be TVC content only.

No pre or post roll such as clock / slate, bars, black, hold, freeze or audio tone is required.

Video Levels:

Video Levels must be in accordance with ITU BT.709 and EBU R103-2000 recommendations:

Luma = Level 16-235 (not RGB 0-255 level), equivalent to 0% – 100% or 0mV – 700mV.

Chroma = Level 16-240, equivalent to maximum 100% RGB.

All content must be free of encoding artefacts, dropout, glitches, blocking, interlace issues or

excessive aliasing and considered broadcast quality throughout.

Audio Levels:

The Programme Loudness Level must be normalised to -23 LUFS (±1 LU) and -1 dBTP max.

according to EBU R128 recommendation.

Audio should be free of any distortion, glitches or excessive sibilance and must be in phase and in sync with the video throughout.

Push VoD
Push VoD

For Push VoD Campaigns copy needs to be delivered to SKY HD, Sky UK TV via IMD, Adstream or Honeycomb.

The Video needs to conform to their specification.

Please send copy instructions/rotations through to CARIA (To Sky Push VoD) alternatively to VODCopyRotations@sky.uk

Please supply all Push VoD copy at least 2 working days before campaign start date. Failure to do so may result in the campaign starting late.

All Copy must have Full Clearcast Approval for Linear from Clearcast.

The TV VoD Product does not support any 3rd party impression or click tags.

PC VoD – maximum duration is 30 seconds

Video Spec is the same as Sky Clickable however Clearcast copy approval is not compulsory.

We also accept VAST and VPAID tags made to iab standards:

VAST: http://www.iabuk.net/resources/standards-and-guidelines/vast-20

VPAID (SkySports Only): http://www.iab.com/guidelines/digital-video-player-ad-interface-definition-vpaid-2-0/

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