OceanSaver Launch Brand Building Campaign: The Ocean Will Thank You

OceanSaver® is to make its TV debut helping its mission to save Ocean life from the plastic pollution and the harmful chemicals in 28 billion single-use plastic cleaning products created every year. OceanSaver provides plastic-free, plant-based Laundry, Cleaning Sprays, and Dishwashing products that clean like the leading brands without harming Ocean life.

OceanSaver were one of 5 winners of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund, which awarded the small team £250,000 worth of TV media across Sky Media’s portfolio of TV channels. OceanSaver’s campaign idea “The Ocean Will Thank You” is a fun and radically positive way to encourage people to make an easy everyday switch to save our Ocean. The wider campaign launched on Earth Day, 22nd April 2024 across OOH, social and in store activities with the TV advert kicking in today. Aiming to inspire a reconnection with the waters that surround us introduces the nation’s new favourite crabs Bluey, Lil’ Hermit, Fiddler and Hairy Harry, along with the OceanSaver jingle, sung by the incredible Bristolian sea shanty group, The Longest Johns.

OceanSaver’s first ever TV campaign, introduces the nation to a new brand platform, “The Ocean will Thank You”, and a new set of brand mascots, the singing crabs, all created by Hearts & Minds. The film features a quartet of crabs, surprising a man named Gareth as he puts his washing on using an ocean-friendly laundry capsule. The crabs burst into a sea shanty to thank him for his efforts. The TV spot was written by Andy George and Jonathan Thake, and directed by the award-winning Jake Mavity, of Rogue Films. The ads were produced using AdGreen standards, with minimal carbon usage, all of which was triple offset.

Andy George, Founder of Hearts and Minds, says, “This category, and eco comms in general, so often deploy shock tactics or shame as a way to influence people’s purchases. Which just isn’t very effective. So, we’re very grateful to have found a partner in OceanSaver who share our belief in the power of positivity, entertainment, and a simple thank you, to get to Britain buying better for the Ocean and for the planet.”

OceanSaver’s new crab creations are set to become the meerkats of the Ocean, and the team is excited for the nation to fall in love with them. OceanSaver will also put their crab characters on all owned assets, so the more famous they are, the more recognisable the brand will be, and the greater the impact they’ll be able to make on Ocean health.

As part of the brand building from launch on Earth Day, OceanSaver will buy ad space via AdSmart from Sky and Video on Demand, targeting the top 20% of the most environmentally engaged households, using location-based targeting (obtained via DTC and Tesco sales data). The advert will reach 630,000 households every week, creating an excellent uplift in brand awareness bolstered by location targeted YouTube and Meta ads.

Adam Parker, Re-Founder and Marketing Director at OceanSaver says, “We need to save the Ocean, so the Ocean can save us. We’re crabsolutely delighted to partner with Sky and the Longest Johns to take our positive message to millions. Now anyone can switch from plastic and harmful chemicals – the Ocean will thank you. These are simple switches that can create impact for generations.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media, added: “OceanSaver’s advert shares a really important message – small changes make a huge difference. Something that is crucial to Sky Media’s mission in tackling the climate crisis. The Sky Zero Footprint Fund celebrates brands that make sustainable swaps easy and enticing. OceanSaver delivered exactly this in their humorous, creative campaign. We’re really excited to get this creative live and see the huge impact it is going to have on the cleaning products market.”

OceanSaver will also be looking to their community to make the most of this pivotal opportunity in the challenger brand’s journey, encouraging maximum organic sharing and viewing of the ad on YouTube by incentivising sharing, for every share, they will donate the cost of an oyster to their partners Blue Marine Foundation, creating restorative new oyster reefs in the Solent (up to a value of £5000); OceanSaver will also partner with TikTok creators to re-share and riff on the ad.

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