Energy Outlook Report

Specialist Weather Report 2024

The Opportunity

The weather not only impacts our day-to-day life in terms of choice of clothes, activities or holiday plans, but it also has a deeper impact that we may think of less – energy.

In a brand-new concept, Channel 5 is offering brands the opportunity to sponsor a first of its kind bespoke Energy Outlook Report that shares with viewers daily the impact that the weather has on our renewable energy supply – whether it be the sun impacting solar, or wind speeds optimising the output of wind farms across the country.


About The Content

Produced by the Met Office, the report will take a snapshot of the key weather parameters which will impact on renewable energy production such as solar and wind power. The presenters will illustrate the UK’s renewable energy outlook in the coming days – whether we’re expecting a blustery Thursday and Friday or an especially sun-soaked weekend.

Following on from the weather forecast, this will play out every day throughout the week, with the report presented by Met office presenters, ensuring it’s noteworthy and informative for viewers beyond anything they’ve seen before.

Key Benefits
  • Always On During Key Months: Sponsorship of the Energy Outlook Report guarantees a daily presence on one of the UK’s most popular TV channels
  • Contextually Relevant: Channel 5 viewers are more likely to take positive steps to reduce their energy consumption (i139).
  • Brand New Concept​: The report will be a first-of-its kind by the channel, meaning your brand has the chance to innovate in partnership with Channel 5


Scheduling & Accreditation
  • Approximately 17 reports per-week
  • Mon – Fri: 3 x reports per day (approx. 1 at 13:30 & 2 at 17:00)
  • Sat – Sun: 1 x report per day
  • 2 x 5” sponsorship idents per report
  • Scheduling & times subject to change
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Sadie Burnett| Content Partnerships Manager

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