Sky HISTORY2 is an extension of the Sky HISTORY brand, where information is entertainment, experienced in unexpected and exciting ways.

Sky HISTORY2 is the destination for brands who want to advertise on a channel that quite literally digs behind stories from the realms of science, the military, ancient and modern history.

Brands can advertise on TV through the traditional method of spot advertising and also channel and programme sponsorship. Sky HISTORY2 is all about further exploring history. Delving into ancient cultures, monumental events and famous figures from both antiquity and modernity means brands can align themselves with content and people whose interest lie in unearthing the little-known facts about the world around us.

On Sky HISTORY2 there is always more to explore, more to understand and therefore more to history, making it the perfect channel to align with a like minded brand.

Top shows include

The UnXplained with William Shatner

Curse of The Ancients With Alice Roberts

Ancient Aliens

Secrets Of Great British Castles

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

Paranormal Caught on Camera

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